Salutations readers! This is Imani introducing you to THIS IS SALAD – a food blog where I share my current cravings, farmer’s market finds, and scrumptious recipes. There is a common misconception about those who choose to consume only plant based foods. I am here to demystify the idea that vegans only nibble on carrots and lettuce leaves. 

Okay, okay. I must admit; my bowl is sometimes full of fresh spinach, julienne carrots, chopped tomatoes, and drizzled with balsamic. But more often than not my ‘salad’ is a sweet potato burger sitting on a fluffy bun, a heap of creamy pasta sprinkled with fresh parsley, or a bed of rice piled high with spicy potato curry. I welcome you to forget everything you thought you knew about plant based eating, ready your mise en place, and prepare to see {and make?} some mouth watering goodness. THIS, my friends, IS SALAD.

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